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Consulting Services

Research & Planning Function Evaluation

Corporate approaches to Research & Planning often arise piecemeal – as the organization adapts to marketing communications challenges that arise from time to time. As a result, the organization and deployment of Research & Planningdepartments do not always best utilize the capabilities of the department.

Sethburg Communications can help to fine tune the functioning of the Research & Planning department in your organization. We:

• Spend a week or so (depending on the size and complexity of the client organization) sitting in on meetings and interviewing key brand and research personnel.

• Write a report that highlights both systemic equities and current inadequacies – and offers solutions for any problems that we identify.

• Spend a substantial amount of time (again, the exact length will be a function of the size and complexity of the client organization) socializing solutions within the client organization – so that the result of the project is an enhanced organization, not just a well-written report.

Staff Development

Because both advertising client and advertising agency organizations have been repeatedly streamlined over the past decades, interaction with senior professionals who are capable of acting as mentors for junior professionals has become extremely limited. As a result, a large number of junior professionals have only cursory knowledge of some key aspects of Research & Planning methods and approaches.

Sethburg Communications offers a series of classes for your personnel covering:

• Qualitative Research

• Quantitative Research

• Strategic & Creative Development

• Evaluation


Because it is so central to the function of marketing communications, it would be useful for marketing communications executives – no matter what their department or level of seniority – to occasionally review the capabilities and limitations of research strategies available to them.

Sethburg Communicationsoffers a series of seminars for your personnel – tailored to the needs of your brands and their categories.

• How to Leverage Your Research & Planning Department

• Quantitative Research in Your Category

• Qualitative Research in Your Category

New Business Consultation

When advertisers evaluate new business presentations by competing advertising agencies, it is always helpful to have the perspective of an unbiased party who understands the basis of the claims made by these agencies. In this way, advertisers will be able to understand the validity (or lack thereof) of the research brought to bear in supporting the approaches advocated by competing agencies.

Sethburg Communications has experience working with advertisers to help evaluate the claims of candidate agencies. We can serve as your partners in choosing a viable direction for your brand.

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